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    Hilmar Gunnarsson

    Hi Patricia Anaka, thanks for the feedback!

    Regarding working in passthrough then we will soon release some new features that will make it much easier to align the virtual and real world and make sure they stay aligned. However, until then, you can actually raise and lower the model simply by toggling the passthrough mode off. When passthrough is turned on, you're limited to horizontal pan and rotation to make it easier to align. But again, all of this will be a lot easier pretty soon, so stay tuned!

    As for editing the geometry and seeing shapes moving that you don't expect to move, then this is something we're working on improving currently. Arkio is a parametric modeler and all shapes have some relationship to their "parent" shape, which may then affect the "child" shapes if you modify their parent. Got get around this, you can try to e.g. model shapes more from the ground (or some horizontal plane) and bash them into other vertical faces, instead of drawing from vertical faces. Like working in passthrough, have some things on the near-term roadmap that will make all of this easier.

    Thanks for your interest in Arkio and if you have the time we'd love to see what you're working on! Feel free to share your work here on the forums, on our Discord server or by sending us an email at

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