Revit Export to Meta Quest 2


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    Hilmar Gunnarsson

    Hi Rich Mascalino, the reason the Revit model didn't get shared in a meeting with the Quest is possibly due to the size of the model. Can you share how complex the Revit model is, i.e. how many triangles?

    We've implemented some technologies to support larger models and the Quest can actually handle around 1-1.5M triangles, depending on the number of materials and textures.

    We'll very soon have a much easier way to share files and imported Revit models with Arkio on Quest directly via the cloud, so that should make the workflow easier. For now, if you export your model from Revit using the Arkio plugin on PC, you should be able to manually move the exported file to the right import folder on the Quest, as long as the model isn't too large. More detail on the import folders can be found here. Sharing a model in a meeting is another way, if the size of the model isn't too big.

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