"Explode" Models to edit individual parts


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    Johan Hanegraaf

    Hi Jesse,

    There is currently no "explode" for models that got loaded as OBJ or GLB files. The best way to bring in models to Arkio is using our plugins or preparing the files with the elements you need.

    The Unity plugin is our first plugin that allows the moving and editing of individual GameObjects in the scene. The edits made on the position or size of these GameObjects in Arkio can be updated back to Unity. We plan to add more bi-directional editing functionality to our other plugins in the future.

    Each OBJ and GLB model you now load to Arkio will come in as one object so you can also achieve more editable parts by saving/exporting your 3D model as separate models that can be placed in Arkio as individual objects.

    The easiest way to scale up/down objects in Arkio is touching the corner of the object with your controller interaction point (or edit tool) and stretching it along the diagonal line that will show for proportional scaling.

    Let us know if you have more questions!

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