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    Johan Hanegraaf

    Hi Felix,

    Great question, we take security seriously at Arkio to ensure that all your model data remains safe and can only be accessed by the people you want. Arkio has a pretty unique security model as we don't store your models in the cloud where everyone can try to access your data.

    All Arkio's models, backups, resources, and settings are stored on your local device(s) Your project files can only be accessed via the Arkio client by people with access to that device. Your models are not shared across the Internet unless you specifically choose to share them with others during an Arkio meeting.

    In case of an Arkio meeting all the modeling operations and imported resources are sent over to other Arkio devices in the same meeting fully end-to-end encryped. You can compare this a bit to peer-to-peer sharing without a server. Your projects don't get sent over the internet as one model but as a collection of edit operations and encrypted resources that together form your unique Arkio project. This makes it pretty hard to intercept and reconstruct this information by any unwanted guests.

    For collaborations with Arkio, you are in control over the security and confidentiality of your meetings as you can choose the complexity of your room name and password. Making it nearly impossible for unwanted guests to join at the exact same time. For high-security meetings, we recommend character sequences at least 10-12 characters long.

    Regarding BIM 360. Our plugins and portal are linked to Autodesk's account authorization so they provide you with secure access to your authenticated data. Only when a user makes exports of a BIM 360 model to Arkio, our plugin wil open the latest Revit file as read-only and export a reduced and optimized version of the project for Arkio (using Autodesk's design automation for Revit). This model can only be downloaded to Arkio after a successful Autodesk authorization. We don't make any changes to your original BIM 360 files and add new RVT models if the user chooses to export from Arkio to BIM 360 and their devices are linked to an authenticated Autodesk account.

    We could provide you with more technical details about our security model if interested.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions about this!

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