Perceived Size in a room



  • Hilmar Gunnarsson

    Hi Jason Pentecost, good to hear from you.

    What's probably going on is that you may not be at exactly 1:1 scale when comparing the virtual model to the real world. You can use the two grip buttons to scale yourself to 1:1 scale, but you may not be at exactly 1:1 scale even though the label may say so, something we need to fix. Try to hold both grip buttons and move your hands further apart until there's no change in scale.

    The most reliable way to make sure you're in exactly 1:1 scale is to press the primary hand joystick forward to teleport to a surface, that will always take you to exactly 1:1 scale.

    Here's the navigation basics tutorial available inside Arkio as well as on our website for further info:

    Please let us know if this helps and if you have any further questions!

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  • Jason Pentecost

    Hi Hilmar,

    Thanks for your reply, yes, I did teleport to the surface.  I guess maybe there should be some kind of fine tuning the user can control that would be "make me smaller, make me bigger" slider?  I can then tweak it until it matches the feel of the actual space.  I know this is complicated stuff, but really love the app!

    Also, on the desktop version of the app, rollover hints for buttons would be helpful when learning.



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