Problems importing models



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    Hilmar Gunnarsson

    For the benefit of others wondering about the same, the issue was the user scale vs. the size of the LiDAR scan. When starting Arkio you are at 1:200 scale typically, which means that if you place a small 3D model on the table you won't see it. Teleporting to the ground or scaling yourself until you reach smaller scales before placing a model on the ground will show the placed model correctly.

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  • Hilmar Gunnarsson

    Hi Margaret Kalacska, thanks for getting in touch. Once you export the scan to Arkio from Scaniverse using the Arkio export feature then the scan should appear in the create/import panel in Arkio on iOS. To place it you select it and then select e.g. Place as object, then you can place it in the scene by tapping where you want to place it and even share the scan in a meeting with other devices.

    As it sounds like this workflow is broken for you it would be very helpful if you could email us the scan file itself if possible to as well as info about what iOS device you're using so we can help you out. Hope to hear from you soon!

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