Importing model - Textures on surface (urban base map)


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    Johan Hanegraaf

    Hi Lucas,

    It looks like something is going wrong with that map texture. Is the map a loaded PDF, background image, or made as a Rhino surface with a normal material? It looks like a pretty high-resolution image so this might result in some issues or take a long time to load.

    You can test if a texture can be correctly exported from Rhino by opening the exported files at \Documents\Arkio\Import\Rhino\ folder to see if the texture and the OBJ model can be loaded. You can also export your scene to FBX or another format and opening the file in eg. Blender or 3Dstudio Max to see if the texture comes in there or if there is an Arkio or Rhino issue.

    I'm happy to look into how to fix this issue if you could share with us the Rhino file at

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