2D SVG data import



  • Hilmar Gunnarsson

    Thanks for the feedback, being able to import and extrude 2D plans would make a lot of sense to speed up the workflow. Now that our integration with Revit/BIM360 and generic OBJ/image import are working well we'll start to turn our focus to some other tools and file formats. Let us know if you have any other thoughts on improving the workflow and integration with other design tools.

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  • Giorgio Bogoni

    At the moment Arkio is aimed at those who design the entire building.
    It would also be useful to have a 2D drawing tool of the floor plan (with easy insertion of doors and windows in 2D) that Arkio should then extrude in 3D.
    With this addition, the software would be very interesting for all those who design the interiors (arrangement of walls and furniture) because the workflow would remain completely within Arkio.

    In this case, the project could be done entirely with the Quest2, without even a PC, and this could be advertised!

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