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  • Kristin Boekhoff

    First, I LOVE the program! Some things that would help me out though are that the objects seem to keep getting locked together. It would be great if there was a way to group/ ungroup the objects that you want to keep together (or not!) without moving the whole room around.

    I am also having a hard time with windows. Sometimes I can add them just fine. Other times it seems to just create a hole. Maybe a tutorial on how to use windows properly?? :)

    It would also be great if we could access all of the tutorials in VR, not just the intro ones. That way we don't have to go back to our computers if we can't figure something out.

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  • Hilmar Gunnarsson

    Hi Kristin Boekhoff - great to hear you love Arkio :)

    We appreciate your feedback, we're always trying to improve Arkio and getting feedback directly from users is super important to us. Regarding the tutorials then most if not all of them should be available inside VR from the side panel in the tutorials player. Happy to discuss if you feel more in-depth tutorials are needed.

    It would be great to see you in our Discord community, you can join here: https://discord.gg/JX3V93Vdk8 - we're planning to host a live event for members of the community soon to discuss what's going on with Arkio and would love to see you there.

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