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    Johan Hanegraaf

    Hi, our Unity plugins currently only export your scene's geometry and main embedded texture to Arkio.

    Advanced material maps or Unity-specific features like baked shadow maps, lighting, or particles are currently not exported. If you wish to see some of those effects in Arkio you would have to use a 3D modeling tool like Blender to recreate those render effects as mesh 3D geometry with UV-mapped textures.

    Hope this helps and we'd love to hear more about how you use Arkio for your Unity work! :)

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  • David Morgan
    I wanted to give you a heads up that we have moved our community page to a new site and that I've migrated some previous posts, like yours,  from our community over to that location. This site and our discord server will soon be archived and inactive. It would be great to have you jump into the community to keep our conversations going! :) 
    hope to see ya there! 
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