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    Johan Hanegraaf

    Hi Heimo, this is a great idea thanks for sharing!

    You would be able to achieve this effect in Arkio if you applied a normal texture to this dome shape. (an UV mapped JPG or PNG image) Currently, the HDRI textures will not be exported as a default material from Blender and Arkio currently does not support importing HDRI textures so that is where information currently gets lost.

    It's also possible to UV map a half/full dome with a normal texture (JPG/PNG) to achieve a similar effect. The same strategy can be used to load other UV-mapped meshes to Arkio for eg loading photogrammetry scans of 3D surroundings or procedural textures that can be applied to the geometry as normal UV-mapped textures.

    We will also look into HDRI textures but let us know if you found a good way to get your skybox textures to Arkio!

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  • Heimo Mooslechner

    Did You think about it in the meantime in depht? 

    What i tried: to export it from Blender in other formates, but Blender seems not to be capable of attaching this pixels direct on whatever export format.

    My idea to it: to devide the EXR into peices and attach it to an exploded Dome-Form individually at each little face..

    I personally have to wait for You to make that real. Hope so..

    greetings from Austria.

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  • David Morgan
    I wanted to give you a heads up that we have moved our community page to a new site and that I've migrated some previous posts, like yours,  from our community over to that location. This site and our discord server will soon be archived and inactive. It would be great to have you jump into the community to keep our conversations going! :) 
    hope to see ya there! 
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