Do you also plan to work on the modeling of outdoor facilities? And on civil engineering modelisation ?


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  • Aaron Nordstrom


    I can't speak for Arkio---as I'm just another user---but I doubt any of these items would be on their radar. Maybe we all use it differently, but if I want to get 'precise', I would not use VR at all. Likewise, if I wanted to be precise, I would also not use Sketchup as it's just not what the software is used for.

    With that being said, I do agree that it would be nice to have more primitives or paths that we could use for modeling in Arkio, which you could use to create some of these elements----but I doubt it would be specific enough to be called plumbing or conduit for electrical work. When we get that precise, everything is in Revit at that point. 

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