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    Awesome article, thank you. 

    So the limit for Quest Pro is 250mb for a single file/scan. What is the recommended file size limit for a whole scene? I imported maybe 10 lidar scans and every time I open that scene it crashes. Would be nice to know the scene limit / capabilities per device.

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  • Johan Hanegraaf

    Hi Garrett,

    The maximum import sizes from this article are for a single large import but we recommend also not exceeding this number for the entire scene as multiple imports will have the same performance impact as one large file.

    If you plan to load multiple LiDAR scans in one scene on a Quest Pro it's best to reduce these scans first with tools like Blender or connect the Quest to a powerful PC in Airlink mode where you can load much larger files.

    Hope this answers your question. You can also reach us at if we can assist with anything else.

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