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  • Hans Karlsson


    We are going to do training sessions for up to ten people using Quest Pros at a time. We discovered that if you are several people in the same scene editing models, one user can accidentally undo another user's edit. In short, it's hard to tell what model is being edited by which user. If user A works on model A, and user B on model B, it seems like an undo by user A intended for model A can undo something on model B and vice versa. Can this be avoided somehow? We are thinking that maybe we need to split up the users between different rooms, say, three in three rooms plus an instructor moving between the rooms. But is this possible on an Enterprise license? You can have up to 24 simultaneous users, but can they be in different rooms? In this scenario, it would also be convenient if the instructor could hear all the users (we sidestep this by working in the physical room, however). 

    Hans Karlsson

    CTO, Mimir LLC, Japan

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  • Johan Hanegraaf

    Hi Hans,

    This is correct, there is currently one global undo-redo history in meetings. This is something that we plan to improve in future updates of Arkio. For organizing meetings with people still learning Arkio it's best to work in smaller groups and only give a few trainees edit rights while the others are just viewing and cannot edit/undo themselves. This is easier to control when the instructors have an enterprise license to assign temporary guest editors in that meeting.

    You can also make use of breakout rooms for students that want to try modeling by themselves during a group session. The users can then disconnect from the general meeting and try all modeling actions in a single user session. Once they are ready for feedback they can host a meeting with a new name (eg group1) for the instructor or other students to join instead. You might have to switch the host of a meeting for someone to share locally created scenes in an active meeting.

    Using this approach the student's devices would only require a free license and the instructor needs an enterprise license to host and control who has edit rights during the meetings.

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